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The Cannes Karting track 430m of driving

Our track was created by PGK Design, an Italian company considered to be number one for the construction of multi-level karting tracks. The design offers a fantastic drive, with features carefully devised to suit both seasoned drivers and complete beginners.

It includes climbs, descents, a bridge spanning 150 linear metres over metallic structures, two exciting turns, including a parabolic turn to the left, rarely seen on an indoor circuit, and a downhill turn requiring heavy braking and producing maximum thrill...
Combining fast sections with technical ones, everything has been designed and implemented to ensure maximum enjoyment for all drivers, whatever their level.

Both aggressive and elegant, our circuit offers a 360-dgree racing experience and maximum safety, thanks to the track barriers and a special coating.

The shock absorption system (zoning and protection barrier for karting tracks), designed by PGK Design, cushions and absorbs the impact when the kart hits the barriers marking the edges of the track. This system has been patented by PGK Design and approved by the FFSA (French Motor Racing Federation).

It is composed of sheets made of a very resistant plastic material supported by springs for the straights and by hexagonal ‘shock absorbers’ that have an absorbing material inside them for the critical points of the track.

The resin used on the track gives it a grip similar to that experienced on professional racetracks.