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Présentation de Cannes Karting

Our concept is based on a desire to offer a fun experience, that nonetheless demands both speed and dexterity, for young and old alike.

Because we want to find ever more exciting activities for people to enjoy while at the same time being conscious of the environment, we decided to open the Côte d’Azur’s first indoor karting track featuring fully electric karts.

To create our two-level track, we chose the undisputed leader in the field, PGK.
Technical and at the same time a pleasure to drive, combining climbs, descents and a section that crosses a bridge overlooking the rest of the track, a new-generation surface that gives exceptional grip, and ultra-modern electric karts, everything has been designed to ensure safety and a fantastic experience.

A visit to Cannes Karting means entering a world dedicating to racing, driving and fun.

The atmosphere we’ve created is specifically designed to plunge you into a completely different world.
A two-level indoor track, metal structures, Grand Prix-style turns, starting grid, screens displaying the yellow or green flags, track marshals... we’ve thought of everything to ensure a fully immersive experience.

Whether you’re looking for a challenge, a few thrills or just a fun outing with friends, Cannes Karting offers the perfect adventure for everyone.

And ladies, absolutely bring your friends along for a girls’ day out, our karts are designed to be perfectly suitable for you.