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EKART Championship

Cannes karting

New this year! Every last Sunday of the month, Cannes Karting organises the EKART Championship.

This championship allows 50 drivers to compete in monthly races.

Each race is contested by 10 drivers (never more than 10 drivers on the track for a race) and allows the driver to accumulate points for the annual drivers' ranking.



50 drivers will compete in F2 format races (practice, time trials, race).
Each group of 10 will do trials and timed races.
At the end of these events, the drivers are ranked according to the times they have achieved.
Then the races are organised according to the rankings (e.g. the first race allows the 10 drivers with the 10 best times to compete).
Each Sunday, we have a ranking with the 50 best to last times. Even the last one takes 1 point (to say that he is not at 0!)
On the other hand, no bonus point for the pole position.

This ranking is held annually (as in F1) and points are accumulated for each monthly championship in which you participate.



Registrations are made on site each month and are closed 24 hours before the date.
It is not compulsory to participate in all the races of the year and there is no minimum number of races to integrate the annual ranking and participate in the EKART Challenge, the end of year championship.

But the more you run, the more points you get.



The championship starts on Sunday at 7pm.
Drivers must be present at the Cannes Karting reception desk at 18H30 to attend the briefing (15-20 min).



The price is 60€ for each race
15€ option: pizza buffet at the end of the race + 2 soft drinks